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The Synchrome System (シンクロームシステム, Synchrom System) is the fourth Metal Saga Beyblade system introduced in Beyblade: Shogun Steel. This iteration of the Hybrid Wheel System consists of five components in total, however it replaces the Face Bolt, Energy Ring and Fusion Wheel with the Shogun Face Bolt, Warrior Wheel and Element Wheel respectively. This system introduces a new gimmick called Synchrome. In addition, the stadiums have been changed to accomodate the "Zero-G" mechanic of Shogun Steel Beyblades.

Hasbro released the line under the "BeyBattle Tops" branding, to distinguish it from the previous 4D System (Hyperblades) and Hybrid Wheel System (Performance Top System) lines.

In the Beyblade: Shogun Steel anime, the Synchrome System was developed by the WBBA. Synchrome System Beyblades were subsequently produced by Dark Nebula Again after they replicated the technology.


While the Beyblade structure follows the same format of the usual Hybrid Wheel System, the new "BeyBattle Tops" include "Synchrome Tech", which features a unique assembly that enables Bladers to alternate between either Wheel type by flipping over the assembled Wheel. The following descriptions outline the basic summary of each combat mode as they depicted by Takara Tomy:

  • "Chromium Up Mode" (Japanese: クロムアップモード): The battle mode using the metal Warrior Wheel. Considered the default mode for this system.
  • "Crystal Up Mode" (Japanese: クリスタルアップモード): The battle mode using the colored polycarbonate Element Wheel.
  • "Synchrome" (Japanese: シンクローム): The battle mode using two Warrior Wheels, replacing the Element Wheel.

List of Components

Shogun Face Bolt

The Shogun Face Bolt or Stone Face (Japanese: ストーンフェイス) retains the same function as the Face Bolt of previous systems. It is shaped as a screw that holds the Beyblade together. It also carries a design or "motif" of the Beyblade it represents.
Unlike the previous Face Bolts, the Shogun Face Bolt introduces a new design, with the motif appearing on a colored "diamond" while held together by a circular plate. The screw component of a Shogun Face Bolt is longer than a Face Bolt. The Hasbro releases of Shogun Steel Beys have a cross-shaped Shogun Face Bolt, rather than the diamond-shaped Stone Face.

Warrior Wheel

The Warrior Wheel or Chromium Wheel (Japanese: クロームホイール) is the metal component of the Synchrome Beyblade's Fusion Wheel. Alongside an Element Wheel (or another Warrior Wheel), this component determines how the Beyblade engages another Beyblade in battle. Warrior Wheels reflects a mythological creature and feature an asymmetrical design.

Element Wheel

The Element Wheel or Crystal Wheel (Japanese: クリスタルホイール) is the plastic component of the Beyblade's Fusion Wheel. This component functions along with the Warrior Wheel in how the Beyblade engages another Beyblade in battle and features a "crystal" stud that designates the Beyblade's elemental Attribute.

Spin Track

The Spin Track or Track (Japanese: トラック) determine the height of the Beyblade and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some Spin Tracks feature design elements for various gimmicks or enhanced combat functions.

Performance Tip

The Performance Tip or Bottom (Japanese: ボトム) determines how the Beyblade moves in the stadium and come in a variety of shapes and styles (e.g. rubber, metal, etc.). Due to the radical change and design of stadiums in Shogun Steel, some Performance Tips feature gimmicks (such as CF [Circle Flat]) to increase their effectiveness.