Along with the new features and products Beyblade: Shogun Steel introduces, it introduces a new system as well; the Synchrom System (Known as BeyBattle Tops in western countries). This systems' parts consist of a total of five parts, the Face Bolt, Warrior Wheel, Element Wheel, Spin Track, and Performance Tip.

Shogun Face Bolt

Shogun Face Bolt: (Japanese: , Stone Face) Faces retain the same function as in its previous systems. It is shaped as a screw that essentially, screws the whole Bey together. Therefore, keeping it together, so as to not become loose and break apart during battle. It also carries a design or "motif" of the Beyblade it represents. However, new to Shogun Steel, is that now, the Faces are diamond-shaped, with the motif appearing on a coloured "diamond" while held together by a circular plate. The screw part of a Shogun Face Bolt is longer than a Face Bolt's. Other than that, there is no other difference between the Faces.

Warrior Wheel

Warrior Wheel: (Japanese: クロームホイール, Chrome Wheel) A brand-new part from Shogun Steel is the Warrior Wheel. Warrior Wheels are metal parts similar to past-systems' Fusion Wheels which contain and use the metal contact in battle. New however, is that the Warrior Wheels are at the top, rather than under a part as in the HWS and 4D systems. Also, Warrior Wheels feature various designs of the Beyblade it represents along with a hole in the metal, designed to house and reveal a crystal and asymmetrical designs. Warrior Wheels can switch places with the Element Wheel, so that the plastic is on top. Additionally, instead of an Element Wheel, there can be another Warrior Wheel instead, provided they are compatible (eg. Orochi Leviathan). This is called Synchrome.

Element Wheel

Element Wheel: (Japanese: クリスタルホイール, Crystal Wheel) Along with the Warrior Wheel, Element Wheels are all-new to the metagame. Element Wheels are plastic parts, similar to past Energy Rings that feature a "crystal" that is meant to appear inside the hole of the Warrior Wheel. The "crystal" however is just a coloured plate with an octagon-like shape encased inside.

Spin Track

Spin Track: (Japanese: トラック, Track) Tracks return in Shogun Steel and keep the same job. They determine the height of the Beyblade, along with any gimmicks the Tracks may carry, along with the height of which the Beyblade attack or defend in combat, and what occurs when a Beyblade hits below the Bey's Track. Tracks are plastic and can come in all shapes and sizes, depending on what their meant to do. Tracks can also be swapped with previous system Tracks as well.

Performance Tip

Performance Tip: (Japanese: ボトム, Bottom) Performance Tips (Bottoms) return too in Shogun Steel with the same function. They determine how the Beyblade will move. Like Tracks, Tips come in various gimmicks and can be made in various ways; either in plastic, rubber, polish, metal, etc. Due to the radical change and design of Beystadiums in Shogun Steel, some Bottoms can feature gimmicks to help in it, such as CF (Circle Flat). Lastly, Tips can be swapped and interchanged with previous system Tips, just like with the aforementioned Tracks.