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Takashi is a minor character in the Metal Saga and a friend of Kenta Yumiya, Osamu, and Akira.


He wears a blue shirt and grey trousers. He is skinny and has a curly haircut.


He owns a Clay Northern Cross 125FS.


Takaashi makes his debut in episode 2 where Kenta introduces Gingka to him. He battles Gingka together with Osamu, and Akaria, and loses. Takaashi is constantly seen with his friends and Kenta Yumiya and cheering for Gingka in his battles. He helps Kenta look for Gingka, when Gingka Hagane is missing following Ginga's conversation with Doji. Akira enters the survival battle where he, Takashi, Osamu and Benkei fall into Tetsuya's trap but with Kenta's help they all manage to defeat Tetsuya. He manages to survive until there are 28 bladers left. It is unknown how he lost. Akira continues to appear throughout the season and then cheers Gingka in his battle with Ryuga.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ Osamu and Akira) MF002 Lose
Osamu MF003 Draw
Osamu, Akria MF005 Not Shown
Kenta Yumiya MF006 Lose
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ Osamu Akira and Beypark blader) MF019 Lose
Beypark Bladers MF019 Win
Benkei Hanawa and Kenta Yumiya (Tag w/ Osmau) MF019 Lose
Survival Battle Bladers MF020 Win
Tetsuya Watarigani (Tag w/ Kenta, Benkei, Osamu, and Akira) MF020 Win
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ Osamu and Akira) MF021 Lose
Kyoya Tategami, Benkei Hanawa, Kenta Yumiya, Hyoma, Osamu, Akira, Hikaru Hasama, Tetsuya Watarigani, Gingka Hagane MF023 Lose
Challenge match bladers MF024 Win