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Takeru is a character introduced in the Metal Fight Beyblade: Bakushin Susanow Attacks! video game. His assets were later reused in the North American release of the Beyblade: Metal Fusion video game, specifically the Walmart Collector's Edition. His Beyblade is Bakushin Susanow 90WF.


He is ruthless, and has a brother named Yamato. Being the son of an underground Beyblade community champion, Takeru grew up obsessed with finding the legendary Bakushin Susanow Beyblade after his father was defeated by the original Beyblade Champion. Ever since that day Takeru has been fighting to avenge his father’s loss and become the best Beyblader around. Takeru idolizes the strength and power of the old emperors. He goes into any Beyblade match with the supremacy and control of a born ruler bursting from within him.


Takeru has brown spiky hair, red eyes, brown eyebrows and is almost always seen with angry eyes. He dresses similar to a person with karate clothes. He wears a grey coat with red highlights. There is a V-shaped vest on it and underneath the coat is a grey and white shirt. He has green and red loops on his waist and white protectors that cover his arm with black sleeves. He also wears grey pants.