Last Beyblade

In the english dub there are some misinformation. Kai was the leader of the Bladebreakers in the english dub only, not in the original dub.

Since there are always people editing pages with wrong information on the wiki, friendly reminder: Takao and Kai's last beyblades are Dragoon MSUV and Dranzer MS as pointed out in the chapter 14 of Bakuten Shoot when they are watching their sons (Makoto and Gou) confronting each other. Dragoon MF and Dranzer MF probably got destroyed in their last battle (since they don't own them anymore) in the previous chapter. The story of Rising happens before the chapter 14 of Bakuten Shoot.

So, summing up...

DRAGOON: Dragoon MSUV -> Dragoon MF -> EVERY BEY RELEASED IN BURST -> Dragoon MS UV (again)

Dranzer: Dranzer MS -> Dranzer MF -> EVERY BEY RELEASED IN BURST -> Dranzer MS (again)

CHAPTER 13 and 14 END:

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