Yu Tendo is GanGan Galaxy's team sub member. He is energetic and is always ready to battle. He is also a Dark Nebula ex- member after figuring out that Ryuga and Dogi were only using him for his power to use on Ryuga. Yu and Tsubasa Otori another member of GanGan Galaxy are very good friends. Tsubasa is also an ex- member of The Dark Nebula but was only a member because he was a spy for the WBBA. Yu has battled many other strong bladers and has defeated many of them with his beyblad Flame Libra T125ES. One of the battles that have not been easy for Yu was battling the Garcias. He suffered minor injuries. His Fame Libra was damaged and required fixing from Madoka the team member who is in charge of fixing the beyblades. After that Flame Libra was like brand new.

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