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Tao (タオ Taō) is a recurring character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is White Tigers' Coach.

Personality & Characteristics[]

He seems to have been intentionally depicted as a crazy old man. He likes to make up strange sayings but nobody understands his phrases because they are not meant to be understood. Despite this, the White Tigers appear to value his wisdom and experience.

It is not uncommon for Tao to try an offer direction and wisdom to other Beybladers, such as Tyson.


Beyblade: G-Revolution[]

After the team practices, he starts reciting another one of his nonsensical sayings like The lost monkey has returned to the supermarket of friendship.

When Tyson is benched during the BBA Revolution's match with the Blitzkrieg Boys, Tao takes Tyson shopping and helps him to receive a revelation about teamwork. Tyson leaves Tao and returns to the stadium to support Kenny, who he realizes has supported him all this time.

Tao makes minor appearances watching the White Tiger X's matches at the World Championships as well as the final battle of the Justice Five Tournament. His most significant role in the BEGA saga was when Ray thought back to his childhood when working with the Hard Metal System. To master the Beyblade, he simply had to remember Tao's advice: "Spin first with your hearts, and not your heads."