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Team Estrella is a BeyWheelz team featured in BeyWheelz.


They are a pro BeyWheelz team who have taken the DREAM BeyWheelz title three years in a row, granting them the title of best Wheelers. They rival the evil Dominators, who wish to take over BeyWheelz.


Member Image BeyWheelz Role Status
Sho Tenma
Soaring Wing Pegasus Leader Active
Jin Ryu
Jin's Vow.png
Doom Fire Drago Member Active
Leon Fierce
Wild Mane Leone Member Active
Covey Horn
Rampage Stomper Bull Member Active
Marche Ovis
Bone Slammer Aries Member Active
Nicole Spears
BeyWheelz Girl.PNG
Spike Gash Striker Member Active



The original three members of Team Estrella, take the top three spots in the World Championship

Team Estrella was formed by Sho Tenma, Jin Ryu and Leon Fierce. For the last 3 years of the DREAM BeyWheelz World Championship, each of them has claimed a spot as the World Champion. In the recent World Championships, Sho Tenma came in first place, Jin in second and Leon in third.

After the tournament finished, Team Estrella headed to the park to train, where Sho was able to defeat Leon in battle. There they are confronted by several novice Wheelers wishing to prove themselves to the team. Leon created several difficult trials for each Wheeler to complete to even have a chance at trying out for Team Estrella. This was simply a ploy to get them away from Team Estrella while they train. They continued to train until the Dominators attacked the trials which forced Team Estrella to challenge them to leave. Leon stepped forward to battle Gigante and won, forcing the Dominators to retreat.


Event Result
DREAM BeyWheelz World Championship x3 Win
BeyWheelz Grand Prix Win
Judgement Bey Win



  • Estrella is Spanish for "star".