Lovushka (ラヴーシュカ, Ravūshuka) is a team featured in the Metal Saga, consisting of Beyblade: Metal Masters.


They are Russia's representational team. Their manager Anton tricked them into cheating in order to win the Beyblade World Championships. Their goal is to go to space, and they will stop at nothing to reach that goal.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Burn Wolf SW145WD Leader Active
Rock Orso D125B Member Active
Rock Scorpio T125JB Member Active
Evil Wolf DF145FS Member Fired


Beyblade: Metal Masters

Team Lovushka vs Team GanGan Galaxy

The first match was between Nowaguma and Gingka. Anton knew Nowaguma was going to lose and made a cage stadium to not allow Galaxy Pegasus to use his special move. Gingka's Galaxy Pegasus breaks the cage on the top surface by jumping off of Rock Orso's special move. This allows him to use his special move defeating Nowaguma.

The second match was against Aleksei and Yu. This match was suppose to be Aleksei vs Masamune but after Anton made a trap to put Gingka on the wrong train instead Masamune got caught in the trap and ended up on the wrong train allowing Yu to take his place as the substitute.

In the battle, Yu was not surprised by the stadium. He wanted something cool like the Cage Stadium. He didn't know about the force field surrounding the stadium. Yu's Flame Libra tries to use his special move, Inferno Blast, but it didn't work because of the force field. He tried a second time and he found out what was going on. Aleksei's bey Burn Wolf mysteriously started to float in the air. Yu was assuming he was psychic but Aleksei corrected him. Yu tried to attack in the air and keeps missing. After a while he found out it was only happening because of the force field.

The force field was in another semi spherical shape like the regular stadium on the bottom where bey's mainly battle. So the force field was another half completing the spherical shape. Yu started to make dents in the lower half of the stadium breaking the force field and lowering Burn Wolf. Yu attacks with Inferno Blast and defeats Aleksei, eliminating Team Lovushka from the competition.

Team Lovushka were all ashamed for losing, ending their dream of ever going into space. They get an announcement from the DJ saying that they actually got a chance to go into space continuing their dream. After the battle they apologize to GanGan Galaxy for cheating and admitted that Anton tricked them into cheating. They congratulate them and wish them luck into the competition.


Event Result
Beyblade World Championships (Metal Masters) Loss



  • Lovushka (Ловушка) is the Russian word for Trap (the noun, not the verb).
  • Team Lovushka is similar to the Barthez Battalion from the Original Series
    • Both team coaches/manager ordered the members to cheat, which eventually led to both team captains firing them.


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