Team Psykick (サイキック Saikikku) are a team featured in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: V-Force.


The team is sponsored (and owned) by Zagart Industries. Team Psykick's main goal was to capture the Bladebreakers' four Sacred Bit-Beasts. They attempted to do this with the development of a Bit-Beast Capturing System, the Magtram and Cyber Bit-Beasts but failed every time. Gideon believed that Dr. Zagart's motivation for capturing the Bit-Beasts was world domination but died before ever finding out that everything Dr. Zagart did was actually for his son, Zeo Zagart.


Beyblade: V-Force

Team Psykick are first seen in Shot Down in Flames however only Slim and Fatso, Gideon's henchman, are officially introduced.

The Bladebreakers, along with Mr. Dickenson and Hilary are taken to the Team Psykick's Headquarters in order to fight the members of members wielding the Cyber Bit-Beasts, cybernetic versions of the four Sacred Bit-Beasts created to be as powerful as the originals. The Saint Shields sneak in to protect the Sacred Bit-Beasts from falling into Gideon's hands. Draciel is taken by Jim, but the other members are defeated by Ray, Kai and Tyson. After this match, both Gideon and Doctor B are killed in the building’s collapse and Max gets his Draciel back.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Dr. Zagart Professor Zagart N/A Leader Retired
Gideon Gideon N/A Supervisor Killed
Doctor B DoctorB N/A Head Scientist Killed
Slim Slim N/A Gideon's Henchman Unknown
Fatso Fatso N/A Gideon's Henchman Unknown
Kane Yamashita Kane5 Cyber Dragoon First String Captain Retired
Salima Salima 1 Cyber Driger First String Member Retired
Jim Jim Cyber Draciel First String Member Retired
Goki Gokismirk Cyber Dranzer First String Member Retired
Daryl Daryl Darylanzer Second String Member Defeated by Tyson
Chameleon Chameleonsmile The Chameleon Second String Member Defeated by Max
Dark Emperor Bat Bat Batranzer Second String Member Defeated by Ray
Figel Figel Figelanzer Second String Member Defeated by Kai
Snakey Snakey Sabel Cobra Member Defeated by Tyson
Gerry Gerry Cyber Dragoon Test Version Member Went Insane
Wyatt Smithwright Wyatt Face Cyber Dranzer Test Version Member Went Insane (Killed in original version)


Event Result
Team Psykick Tournament (Round 1) Lose
Team Psykick Tournament (Round 2) Lose
World Championships (Beyblade: V-Force) Forfeit (Kane & Jim)



  • The team is a "filler" team and do not appear in the manga, apart from the main employees and Kane's group.
  • Every blader of Kane's group except for Jim ending up having the blades for their bit-beasts destroyed by the Bladebreakers.


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