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The Ultimate Gift Set: Team Starbreaker is a Beyblade set released by Hasbro. It was be released in February 2012. It contains three Beys based on Team Star Breaker Beyblades.

Note: This Set's release is exclusive to Hasbro.



An abundance of useful parts can be obtained through this Set. Although UW145 is not particularly effective, BD145 is the go-to Track for Defense purposes and it works well in conjuction with EDS for Stamina types, while 230 is top-tier in Stamina and Balance. Flame and Killer may both be outclassed in all aspects, but the Hell Metal Wheel paired with BD145 makes a decent Stamina type. Kerbecs' heavy weight makes it usable on Defense types. Also, EWD is top-tier for Stamina and is extremely useful in Spin-Stealing combinations. WD is top-notch for Stamina types as well, and DS is usable for Stamina too.

In conclusion, this Set is a great purchase for Bladers without access to TAKARA-TOMY Beyblades or for starting Bladers looking to get some worthwhile parts conveniently.

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