Tempest is a non-active character in Beyraiderz, who made his first appearance in a flashback during Beyraiderz first episode where he battles Flame to decide the fate of the world. Causing their world to fall in disgrace, Tempest is view as an antagonist. His descendants, Rachel Cruise and Jimmy Cruise , are trying to make it up for his bad actions in the past, by finding the warriors and bring hope back.

Physical Appearance


Tempest and Flame fight

Tempest is a tall and slim man, with long and dark hair that reaches his waist. His outfit is mainly dark blue and resembles an armour.


  • It´s unknow if he had the surname "Cruise" like Rachel and Jimmy.
  • His fate is never revealed. It´s possible he died during his battle with Flame or that he fell in a deep sleep like his rival.
  • It´s implied he had a wife and a family who continued his bloodline.
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