Tempo Hammer Hit is a Stealth Battler part of the Beyblade: Extreme Top System. It is based on Twisted Tempo 145WD
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and was released on January 2012 in North America. However, it is not as powerful as Twisted Tempo.


Tempo Hammer Hit resembles its regular counterpart, Twisted Tempo 145WD but features a blue opaque variant of Horogium, while it's Face Bolt is an opaque dark blue with a printed, white Horogium motif. Its Fusion Wheel resembles Twisted but with two square-like holes at its sides to accommodate its "blue hidden hammers" that deploy during battle "to punch out and smash opponents", this can cause huge damage to an opposing beys stamina. It also seems to have blue protrusions under it, these protrusions are what trigger the hidden hammer mechanism. When hit, the "hammers" deploy. However, it's tiny peformance tip resembling a clear-blue WD wobbles, allowing the metal at the bottom to scrape the stadium floor, reducing it's stamina a lot. Sometimes, the hammers completely backfire, resulting in an embaressing self-destruction or a stunning tie.


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