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Teru Saotome (早乙女輝 Saotome Teru) is a minor recurring character in the Metal Saga, making his debut in Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

He is a Beyblader who used to be a skilled ballet dancer, he now uses both in unison with his Earth Virgo GB145BS.

Physical Appearance

Teru is a light skinned, teenage boy of average height and Japanese descent. He has wavy blonde hair that covers his right of his two dark blue eyes.

Teru is a well dressed individual who has lots of class. He wears a white dress shirt with a blue ribbon around the collar (jabot) and a deep red cummerbund around his waist. Layered on that is a red jacket with ornate gold detailing. He also wears a pair of black, slim fitting trousers and white boots. Both his jacket and boot cuffs are turned down to reveal a deep red lining, with the edges in gold. Furthermore, he wears a grey belt at a tilt, to which his Bey and launcher holster is attached.


In general, Teru is very calm and disciplined. He plays with interest, but also with clear goals in mind, such as getting his name known at least in the Beyblade world. He does not really talk a lot, but when he does, his words drip with content, and he likes ballet.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Gingka first sees Teru on T.V. where he battles Hikaru in a tournament and defeats her. Later, Gingka meets Teru. Teru claims Gingka is his idol and shines very brightly. They talk some more and Teru leaves. The next day, they meet in the final round of a tournament. Teru's Earth Virgo spins so fast that it blows Pegasus away when it attacks. The only place Gingka can strike is from below so he uses Storm Bringer to lift Virgo into the air and slam into it. Gingka wins the tournament championships.

Teru later earns 50,000 points and makes it to Battle Bladers where he battles Ryutaro Fukami of the Dark Nebula and Thermal Pisces T125 ES. Although he puts up a good fight he is no match for Pisces Distortion Drive which knocks out Virgo. Following his loss he mutters how Virgo was not shinning brightly enough. After Gingka beats Ryuga he joins everyone else in celebrating.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

300px-Teru vs Yu-1-

Teru battles Yu in the WBBA Reopening Tournament

After the events of the Dark Nebula, the WBBA reopens after sometime and holds a tournament for the big celebration. Teru takes part and makes it to the semi-finals where he is to face Yu Tendo.

Yu and Teru trade blow for blow most of the match, showing no means of slowing up or backing down. Yu gains the upper hand but Teru continues to force his hand until Yu uses his special move to defeat Teru in a stadium out.

When the Japanese preliminary events began, Teru came in the top 10, ranking as 9 with 210 points. his final scene was along with the leave of Team Gan Gan Galaxy to show them his support.

Beyblade Metal Fury

He appears near the end when the Legendary Bladers fight Nemesis. He joins other bladers in giving his power to Gingka and looks pleased when the world is saved.


Special Moves

  • Pirouette Tour: This special move increases the Bey's spin rotation, making it rotate fast enough to create a wind shield, drastically increasing Virgo's stamina and defense. In the anime, it was even able to block Storm Pegasus's special move, Starblast Attack, and undo Storm Aquario's Aquario Infinite Assault.
  • Allegro Entrechat: This special move allows Virgo to quickly dodge an opponent's attacks.
  • Grand Jete: Virgo lands on top of the opponent's Bey,which has the potential to knock the other Bey out of the stadium,this move is inspired by the actual ballet move, Grand jeté.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Unknown Bladers Offscreen Win
Hikaru Hasama MF034 Win
Tournament Blader (1st round) MF034 Win
Tournament Blader (2nd round) MF034 Win
Gingka Hagane MF034 Lose
Ryutaro Fukami MF040 Lose
Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Tournament Blader (1st round) MM001 Win (offscreen)
Tournament Blader (2nd round) MM001 Win (offscreen)
Yu Tendo MM001 Lose
Ryutaro Fukami, Tobio Oike, Tornament Bladers (Battle Royale) MM004 Unknown
Japanese Selection match MM004 Lose (9th Place)
Metal Fight Beyblade vs Sun: Sol Blaze
Opponent Result
Helios (Tag w/ Masamune, Yu, Tetsuya, Benkei and Tournament bladers) Lose
Helios (Tag w/ Masamune, Yu, Benkei and Tournament bladers) Lose



  • Teru's last name, Saotome is an anagram of "otomesa" (乙女座 ), which means Virgo Constellation in Japanese, the constellation that Earth Virgo based on.
  • He is listed as one of the Japan`s top 10 bladers.
  • Teru mostly keeps only one eye showing throughout the anime, similar to Wales.
  • Teru, unlike most Bladers, got his Beyblade at a later age. Also unlike most Bladers, he got his partner Bey from someone else. However, it is never said who the girl who gave him his Bey is to him, whether it was his sister or friend. It is only clearly seen that she is a ballet dancer like him.
  • Benkei, Teru and Ryuga are the only bladers that did have anything bad happen to them after losing a match in Battle Bladers.
  • Teru is the only blader of the Battle Bladers who did not belong to any group, despite standing next to Gingka's gang in the Japanese version of the intro.