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Teru Saotome
Biographical information
Gender Male
Current Beyblade(s) Earth Virgo GB145BS
Rivals Gingka Hagane & Yu Tendo
Occupation(s) Beyblader, Former Ballet Dancer
Behind the scenes
First anime appearance Shine, Virgo!
English voice actor Scott Gorman

Teru Saotome is a reccuring character in the Metal Saga, making his debut in Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

He is a beyblader who used to be a skilled ballet dancer, he now uses both in unison with his Earth Virgo GB145BS.

Physical Appearance

Teru is a light skinned, teenage boy of average height and japanese decent. He has wavy blonde hair that covers his right of his two dark blue eyes.

Teru is normally very well dressed and is noted to have alot of class. He wears a pink jacket with yelllow designs over a white dress shirt with a blue ribbon around the collar. Around his waste he wears a battle belt which hold his gear for beyblading including his launcher and his virgo. Below the waste he wears dark blue pants that tuck into his white boots with a pink fold that matches his jacket.


In general, Teru is very calm and disciplined. He plays with interest, but also with clear goals in mind, such as getting his name known at least in the Beyblade world. He does not really talk a lot, but when he does, his words drip with content, and he likes ballet.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Beyblade: Metal Masters

300px-Teru vs Yu-1-

Teru battles Yu in the WBBA Reopening Tournament

After the events of the Dark Nebula, the WBBA reopens after sometime and holds a tournament for the celebration. Teru takes part and makes it to the semi-finals where he is to face Yu Tendo.

Yu and Teru trade blow for blow most of the match, showing no means of slowing up or backing down. Yu gains the upper hand but Teru continues to force his hand until Yu uses his special to defeat Teru in a stadium out.



  • 'Otome' means 'virgin' in Japanese, afterwords 'Teru' means 'shine'.
  • He is listed as one of the Japan`s top 10 bladers.
  • His hairstyle that is 'wavy' has a similarity with Tobias/Takuto from Pokemon and Gus Grav from Bakugan.
  • Teru mostly keeps only one eye showing throughout the anime.
  • Teru, unlike most bladers, got hisBbeyblade at a later age. Also unlike most bladers, he got his partner Bey from someone else.
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