The "The End of Fire" (Japanese: 爆風炎撃(ジ・エンド オブ ファイアー)) is a Special Move used by Kai Hiwatari with his Dranzer MS Beyblade. This move debuted in the final chapter of the Beyblade manga.


"The End of Fire" can best be describes as a powerful Hasbro BB type icon attack attack that combines the powers of both Kai and his Bit-Beast Dranzer into a giant, swirling mass of MFBZG attribute fire icon Fire for explosive strikes using his Beyblade.



While the caption in the panel reads the major kanji with the Ruby "ジ・エンド オブ ファイアー" when transliterating from the proper kanji the name of the attack can be translated as follows:

Kanji 爆風
Hiragana ばくふう えん げき
Rōmaji Bakufū En Geki
Literal translation blast from an explosion flame, blaze, burning strike, hit, beat
Translation Explosive Flame Strike



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