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Theodore Glass, also known as Alexander Gilten (アレキザンダー・ギルテン, Arekizandā Giruten) in Japan, otherwise known by his alter-ego, Ashtem, is the leader of the Snake Pit Organization, owner and manager of the American team, the Raging Bulls. He appears in the series Beyblade Burst Evolution as the overarching antagonist.

He is very competitive with Kristina Kuroda, and her team, BC Sol. He travels the globe to gather the most powerful Bladers into his team.


Theodore is a young man, who has cyan eyes, and orange, dark brown, and white layered hair. He wears a white scarf that comes out onto his chest, he also wears a red shirt with three gold chains on the stomach area. He wears a black suit coat with a notched, purple lapel, and black suit pants, and dress shoes.

As Ashtem he wears a black helmet like mask with black eye visors,three purple lines are on top of the mask and a red lightning strike is across the left eye and a red accessory by the right eye with two arms of the accessory going around the right eye. He wears a black coat with purple lining the end of the sleeves and purple spike designs on the sides of the opening of the coat.he wears black armor like gloves that have purple designs on them. He wears a black turtleneck shirt underneath his coat,the shirt has a purple line starting at the collar and continues down to a purple diamond with a smaller diamond inside,after this diamond the purple line continues down to a red belt. He wears black armor like pants with purple designs as well as black shoes, his pants have purple lines down the sides and purple knee pads on them.


Theodore is manipulative and has the ability to convince others to agree with him. This is shown when he manages to get Free De La Hoya, the Number 1 Blader in the world, to believe that it is best to leave BC Sol; he later uses Shu Kurenai's anger to change him into Red Eye. This is from the fact that he understands what motivates Bladers and uses it against them as their weakness. Kristina Kuroda, owner of BC Sol, seems to be the only one unaffected by his personality and shady manner. Both Kristina and Trad Vasquez, BeyTrainer of BC Sol and Kristina's advisor, are put off by Theodore's sudden visit to the training complex showing how much power he has over others.

Despite his shady behavior and manipulative ways, he can be honest as he upheld his promise to help Shu achieve the power he desired with no apparent ulterior motives.

As Ashtem[]

As his alter-ego, Ashtem, leader of the Snake Pit Organization, Theodore becomes much more authoritative and unafraid to show his power a Blader can have. He believes that on the road to strength, one must weed out the weak and those willing to give up, no matter how merciless it would be to do so.

He structured the Snake Pit in a way where this belief would always be followed. He also seems to enjoy toying with Valt Aoi, Rantaro Kiyama, Cuza Ackermann, Daigo Kurogami, and Wakiya Murasaki when they are within the Snake Pit, watching them lose for the sake of research. He also confronts Shu Kurenai after his loss to Free De La Hoya, and uses his moment of weakness to convince him to become part of the Snake Pit Organization as the sinister Red Eye.


Beyblade Burst Evolution[]

Theodore makes his first appearance in the season as the Raging Bulls' manager, and unexpectedly visits Kristina's team. Kristina and Trad are put off by this.

Throughout his appearance in the season, he manages to convert some characters to his side. Free and Trad leave BC Sol in order to join the Raging Bulls.

He also runs a mysterious facility known as the Snake Pit, which Bladers disappear into in order to become stronger Bladers. In this building, he is under the name of Ashtem. Theodore is responsible for Shu's disappearance, having caused the boy to join the Snake Pit. In turn, Shu became Red Eye.

He is also responsible for the Requiem Project which heavily involves Shu. As such, he paid the Blader immense attention and praise in order to produce the strongest Blader.

Theodore makes a reprise at the International Blader's Cup and watched his Snake Pit Bladers participate. There, he witnesses Spryzen Requiem's possession of Shu. It is only until Valt defeats him when Shu becomes normal at last, and Theodore is forced to abandon his plans and leave.


  • "I know what you truly desire." - to Red Eye, as Ashtem, after Valt and his friends are kicked out of the Snake Pit
  • "You've done well, Red Eye. Very impressive. Keep up the good work and soon, victory will be yours. Then, the last phase of the Requiem Project will be complete."
  • "I concede. You and Valt have won...this time." - last words to Kristina in the Evolution season finale


Shu Kurenai[]

Theodore recruits Shu into the Raging Bulls after seeing his performance in the Japan circuit. He also helps Shu become more powerful, but it is shown that he may have more evil intentions behind it. As by gaining "power", Shu completely loses himself and becomes darker, able to throw his beyblade into the ground, breaking it (and this is an effect of direct manipulation by Theordore as Ashtem). After Shu defeats Boa and Norman, Theodore focused more on Red Eye and less on other members of the Snake Pit. They seem to have a slight student-master relationship, but at the end of Beyblade Burst Evolution Shu (as Red Eye) completely rejects Theodore, but the older doesn't seem to be to unhappy about that.

Boa Alcazaba[]

At first, Theodore doesn't think much of Boa, as he is just a starting Blader. He tells him to be quiet and observe as the Shadow Bladers fight Valt and his friends, and tells him that if he gets stronger, he can soon get more power of his own. At the start of the tournament, Theodore also believes that Boa may be the only Blader to defeat Red Eye. After he loses to Shu then Norman, Theodore completely ignores Boa as if he never existed from the beginning.

Norman Tarver[]

Theodore has some respect for Norman, as the latter is second-in-command in the Snake Pit. He seems confident that Norman will do his best in Beyblade. However, it is implied that Theodore may be using him. When Norman also lost to Shu Kurenai, it seems that Theodore started to lose interest in Norman and focus on Shu.

Kristina Kuroda[]

Kristina seemed to be a bit intimidated and competitive towards Theodore, as during the first few episodes of Evolution, Kris tightened her grip on her chair. Theodore wants the best for himself, as he tries to manipulate Kristina into taking Free De La Hoya. He did get Free to leave for America with the Raging Bulls, but after Shu lost to Free, he started to concentrate on Shu. Because of that (and other variables), Free went back to BC Sol and Kristina was positively delighted, while Theodore wasn't pleased that he lost his star player. Their competitiveness extended to even the last episode of Beyblade Burst Evolution, where Theodore states that "she and Valt won this time", implying that he would be back to compete with Kristina, but she rejected the idea.

Trad Vasquez[]

Theodore convinced Trad to resign as the trainer of BC sol and move to America to work for the Raging Bulls.