Thermal Herculeo DF145S is a Stamina-type Beyblade that appears in the Metal Fight Beyblade VS the Sun: Sol Blaze, the Scorching-hot Invader movie. It was owned by Helios before he replaced it with Sol Blaze V145AS.

Face Bolt: Herculeo

This Bolt depicts the Greek demigod, Hercules. In Greek myths, Hercules had 12 labours that he had to accomplish. He was hated by the goddess Hera, shown by her attempts to kill him on his labours.

Energy Ring: Herculeo


Herculeo has even weight distribution making it a good Energy Ring. It has two lion heads representing the invincible hide of The Nemean Lion, which Hercules killed in one of his tasks, on the Energy Ring. The Energy Ring is orange in color with black designs on the lion heads.

Attack: 3 - Defense: 2 - Stamina: 2

Fusion Wheel: Thermal

  • Weight: 30.3 grams

This Metal Wheel was first released with Thermal Pisces T125ES. It has 2 main sections, each resembling a shark. Despite being lighter than Flame, it has less undisturbed spin time, despite being only for a second. This is actually a trade of sorts, for this Wheel has superior defense to Flame while retaining great Stamina. In The anime, Thermal is able to change airflow, but in real life it does not do so. If left spun it might be able to do so. A good attack type custimization would be: Thermal Pegasus II 100F.It is based of the Pisces Metal Wheel.

Attack: 2 - Defense: 1 - Stamina: 4

Thermal Pisces T125ES

Spin Track: Down Force 145 (DF145)

  • Weight: 3.0 grams
DF145 tarck

DF145 has four upward wings protruding from the top of the Track, which aside from giving it extra weight, are meant to push air up, increasing stamina. It is outclassed by UW145. combinations, instead, tracks such as AD145, 85, 100, 90, and even 145 are used. DF145's gimmick is negligible. The wings aren't protruding out far enough to create the actual effect it should.</span>

Performance Tip: Sharp

  • Weight: 0.6 grams

The Sharp Bottom offers very little movement and as such provides no attack potential. The pointed tip allows for very little friction between the Bottom and the stadium surface, which helps prevent the loss of spin velocity. However, due to the fine nature of the tip, the Bottom is easily knocked off balance, and hence is outclassed by superior alternatives such as D or SD.

Attack: 2 - Defense: 1 - Stamina: 4


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