Thief Phoenix E230GCF
Face Bolt (Beybattle Top): Phoenix (フェニックス)
Warrior Wheel: Phoenix (フェニックス)
Chromewheel phoenic
Element Wheel: Thief
Crystalwheel thief
Spin Track: E230
Track e230 img
Performance Tip: Gear Circle Flat
Bottom gcf img

Thief Phoenix E230GCF
Beyblade Details
Type Attack
Element Fire
Release Dates & Price
Country Release Date Price
JapanFlag Japan April 21, 2012 682円[1]
UnitedStatesFlag United States Fall 2013 TBA
International Names
Language Name
JapanFlag Japanese (Kanji) シーフフェニックE230GCF
JapanFlag Japanese (Romaji) Shīfu Phoenekku E230GCF
JapanFlag Japanese (Translated) Thief Phoenic E230GCF
UnitedStatesFlag English Thief Phoenix E230GCF
Product Codes
Manufacturer Product Code
Takara Tomy BBG-09 (Zero-G Random Booster)
Hasbro SS-09 (Starter)

Thief Phoenix E230GCF
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  • Originally, the English Beyblade community thought its original name was "Thief Fennec", and was speculated to be based on the Fennec Fox.
  • Gear Circle Flat (GCF) was also originally known by a name of "Gya Circle Flat".
  • This is third Beyblade to be based on the phoenix, the first being the Dranzer series and second being Burn Fireblaze 135MS.
  • It is the first Beyblade to introduce a variant for 230.
    • Similarly, it is also the first to introduce a part variant, in a new series. 230 was introduced in the Metal Fight Beyblade series. E230 was introduced in the Zero-G series.
  • The breakage problems the GCF tip had was fixed in subsequent releases of it and in the Hasbro release of it.
  • Oddly, Thief Phoenix E230GCF has a red Thief element wheel which is meant for Zirago and Thief Zirago WA130HF has a yellow Thief element wheel which is meant for Phoenix.
  • It was originally going to include the Pirates Crystal Wheel when Takara Tomy released it[2].
  • The Phoenix Warrior / Chrome Wheel looks like the Blitz Metal / Fusion Wheel.


Thief Phoenix is based on the Phoenix, as evident by its name. In mythology, the phoenix was a sacred firebird made of a large variety of colours and such. The phoenix would usually live for about a 500 life-year span, while at the end of it, creating a nest of twigs. The phoenix and its nest would burn into nothing more than fiery ashes; where in turn, a new phoenix or phoenix egg would appear. This new phoenix would then be destined to live for as long as its ancestor; thus being reborn. As is, the whole purpose of the phoenix: to be reborn and in a way, live forever; immortality.

The phoenix appears in many different cultures, mythology, and such. The aforementioned Bey has of course, a phoenix motif. This can be seen with its Stone Face, as well as its Chrome Wheel.

Name origin

Its Japanese name, "Phoenic", can quite possibly be a portmanteau involving two other words. The first, can be of "phoenix" and "Phoenicia". This is because the phoenix also has mythological roots in the real-world place of Phoenicia. The second possibility, is between "phoenix" and "fushichō". Fushichō[5] was the Japanese name for the phoenix and literally meant, "immortal bird". Although, another reason for "phoenic" can be simply because, the name Phoenix was previously used, so it was simply change one letter to avoid confusion over the former (however Hasbro decided to revert it to "Phoenix".

Thief obviously refers to a person committing thievery; the stealing of another person's belongings without their consent. The word "thief" being used in this Beyblade's name may be a reference to how in the anime, Phoenix "steals" Samurai Ifrit's special move.


Thief Phoenix E230GCF

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Thief Phoenix E230GCF - Hasbro Version


Thief Phoenix E230GCF

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Beyblade ZeroG【Thief Phoenic E230GCF】- Random Booster Vol. 1 (BBG-09)

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