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Thief Zirago WA130HF or Thief Girago WA130HF (シーフジラーゴWA130HF, Shīfu Jirāgo WA130HF) is a Fire Element Attack Type Beyblade that appears in the anime Beyblade: Shogun Steel. It is owned by Spike Bourne. It was released by Hasbro as a Starter Pack in western countries.

Shogun Face Bolt - Zirago

Gryph Girago Motif Close-up.PNG
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The Zirago Stone Face features the swift-like depiction of the mystical Qilin or Kilin. Shown in a running motion, the golden Qilin jogs to the left with a a dragon-esque face very reminiscent of Chinese representations leading to its two front hooved legs and its back ones as well. Its tail is made up of blazing flames, this can also be seen at the back of its neck and on one of its front-legs. With pupil-less red-eyes and some red diamonds scattered around the body, the Qilin is embodied on a ruby Stone Face.


Takara Tomy


  • SS-24 Thief Zirago WA130HF

Warrior Wheel - Zirago

Chromewheel girago.jpg
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Zirago is mostly designed in a symmetrical appearance like Gargoyle, unlike most of the Chrome Wheels. Two-sided, these sides just feature a stylized representation of a Qilin as they chomp on the two holes of the Chrome Wheel. While one is to support a Crystal Wheel, interestingly enough however, the other is instead embodied as a metal sphere protruding from the Wheel, itself; probably to provide additional weight and added support for Synchrom. While the two "holes" have a sun-like flare circling them, the Qilin's are shown with a long neck made of distinct layers, various blazes resting atop its forehead and also acting as eyebrows. A pupil-less eyes is also to be seen alongside its "beak-like" mouth lunging towards the holes. Some reptilian-like flaming and deep-blue decals are also seen.

Element Wheel - Thief

Crystalwheel thief.jpg
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Thief is a three-sided Element Wheel that has a flame-patterned wing design with rightward facing feathers. The Fire Element symbol is displayed on the Element Wheel. One of its three wings is larger than the others, which in theory creates an imbalance. In practice however, the effect on balance is negligible due to the Element Wheel's light weight. Like other Element Wheels, Thief is outclassed in every regard by a second Warrior Wheel in a Synchrome. In the WBO's MFB Limited Format, Thief finds use in Attack Combinations, as its three-sided shape synergizes with Warrior Wheels such as Phoenic. While such Combinations have heavier recoil than options such as the Pegasis Wheel, it is still a viable and versatile attacker.

Spin Track - Wing Attack 130

Track wa130 img.jpg
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Wing Attack 130 (WA130) is a 130-height Track with two aerofoil-shaped wings that rotate freely around the Track. By removing this piece, and flipping it over, the direction of the wings can be changed. These wings are negligible in battle: while they offer minor protection against lower Attack-Type opponents, there are better Tracks for this purpose. As the wings can scrape along the stadium floor, causing a loss of spin, Wing Attack 130 is useless in Stamina combinations.

The main appeal of this Track is its height. The 130 height has proven useful in certain Attack customisations. However, as it cannot make contact with lower opponents due to its free-spinning nature, it is considered less useful for this purpose than S130. In addition, the most popular user of this height, Fang, already comes with a plain 130 Track in its only release, Fang Leone 130W²D. As Wing Attack 130 offers little advantage over 130, it is not considered a worthwhile purchase.

Performance Tip - Hole Flat

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Hole Flat (HF) has a similar movement to that of Flat, with the main difference being a slight Stamina improvement due to the hole in the center of the tip. However, this comes with the detriment of even less grip to the stadium floor than Flat, as well as increased fragility. The hole will eventually wear after use, reducing its grip further.