• I have two possible theories for what might happen between Delta and Diabolos later on:

    1. Diabolos eventually consumes enough Bey lights and becomes powerful enough that it decides it doesn’t need Delta anymore and was only using him.

    2. Should Delta himself decide he doesn’t want to help Diabolos anymore, it will try to control him, and force him to battle others against his will.

    I’m super hyped to see Aiger and Delta battle next week, by the way.

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    • I think the first one will most likely happen, though I find the second one interesting and suspenseful. Either way, Im hoping one of the two will happen and Im looking forward to that

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    • I hoping for either one to happen. What do you think Delta’s reaction would be upon realizing that everything he did for Diabolos was all for nothing?

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    • Since thats the most common reaction from people, most likely

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    • A FANDOM user
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