• The first theory I have is that Delta will have two new layer base because he has dual rotation because in the past he had two layer bases. And we will maybe get a verison 2 of the Diabolos Gatinko Chip. And my second theory like Dante he might combine the vemon and the erase layer base and the Delta's new layer base would maybe like the Lord layer base it will have dual rotation.

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    • True, I Think That Would Be Good and Possibly Have a Balance Type Electric Driver Since We Now Have Attack and Defense Electric Drivers

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    • Maybe but in the past Delta had a mini bey. Maybe just like Phi when he got Dread Phoenix the Dread Armor was heavier than the Revive Armor. Maybe a new mini bey will be heavier thanthe original mini bey.

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    • This is what I think the new Diabolos is going to be like.

      Layer base: Monarch

      A right spin and left spin layer base similar to Lord but it looks like a more aggressive version of Imperial (because Venom was pretty much a edgier version of Ace). it’s supposed to be a fusion of Imperial, Lord, Erase, and Venom). Layer weights won’t be compatible. it will have the same gimmick like Imperial it will have its normal form, bound form, and ultimate form. Accept the blade system that Imperial had will be made of metal and rubber. The blades on the sides will pertrude out more than Imperial doing more damage especially when spinning to the left. On the tips of the blades will be pieces of red rubber for more attack damage.

      Gachi chip: Diabolos+

      The diabolos chip will be dual rotation so it can go on left and right spinning Beyblades. It will have the face of diabolos facing to the front instead of the side. Diabolos will be shown wearing gold armor that will be made of metal. The claws of Diabolos will be half gold half red, again the gold part will be metal. The difference between this chip and the regular Diabolos is that it will be compatible with layer weights so you can put it on any layer base except Imperial and Lord. It will have teeth similar to Spriggan/Spryzen, the teeth will be really tough, so the chances of bursting are reduced.

      Driver: Release’

      Release’ will be similar to Bullet and Hybrid. The mini Beyblade will be electric just like the host driver (being the actual driver itself) you will be able to change the rotation of the clone and the host driver to left and right spin (depending on what combination you choose the Bey and it’s clone will act differently). The clone will be mostly made of metal. The fused disk on top of the driver will be similar to Vanguard and Vertical the weight will be mostly focused on the bottom except the top. This driver will be a balance type driver.

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