• With the news that we're getting a 5th Burst season, I wanted to ask you something. 

    If they were to bring back old characters, with Ken being one of my top picks, who do you think they'd cast to voice him in English since his previous dub VA died? In my opinion, I could see him being voiced by Sam Vincent (Gabe Khouth's brother). (This is assuming they return to dubbing via Ocean/Blue Water in Canada for season 5 btw.)

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    • Hmm, Im not quite sure. I do think Tom Kenny should take the role since he is quite good with vocals, from high pitched to low and has been voicing for animated shows quite often

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    • Interesting. That actually got me imagining about how Keru and Besu would sound like. Also, if you had to pick a title for the fith season, what would you choose?

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    • I honestly have no clue. Burst has the habit of having strange titles, which usually have almost or no context at all (in other cases, really subtle ones, but usually arent very fitting)

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    • I was just curious. I think Beyblade Burst Ultimate or Infinite would be good titles. They're the only ones I can think of anyway.

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