• If Rantaro and Ranjiro are coming back, there's a small chance the BeyClub from both Turbo and Burst could come back, correct? I'm curious as to know what they'll be doing... I'm not actually too surprsied that Rantaro is coming back. Silas, Trad and Kris might come back as well because they made a manga appearance in Rise. I'd like to know everyone's thoughts on Beyblade Burst Season 5.

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    • I've got high hopes for the 5th season. I know that several people (myself included) want to see a proper ending to the Snake Pit arc.

      But your mentioning the possibility of the Bey Club returning raises a few questions. Will they bring back characters like Daigo, Wakiya and Ken (I really want to see Zac again since he didn't even appear at all in Turbo)? There's also the matter of who will voice the characters when the dub rolls around (Will they stick with Bang! Zoom Entertainment or switch back to Ocean/Blue Water) especially since Ken's English VA died back in July.

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    • I think they'll stick with Bang! Zoom Entertainment because they've already used to for Turbo and are using it for Rise. They won't just switch back after two seasons. You also stated that Ken's English voice actor died? That will only add to the fact that they'll film in California instead of Canada. 
      Another thing is that I believe that after the fifth season has come to an end, BBB will finally end with all the old characters coming back in some sort of giant finale which in my opinion, would be kind of cool to see. I can keep an eye out for more characters from the upcoming season as the current one  goes by. And finally, like you, I also would like some specific characters to come back, since we know that Fubuki, Suoh and Ranjiro probably will not show themselves in Rise.

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