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    15:00, October 21, 2012

    Mana, SkyRocketBolt is being bullied by Callum6939, Corrupted Scorpian, Titi and Co., and DragonKnight99. They repeatedly called Bolt g*y, f*g, yag, said he liked to be 'wet' and other suggestive words and phrases. When askd they wouldn't stop and continued. They claimed to be trolling him since he was Mix's cousin but please deal with this as you see appropriate. But I will admit to being there to witness about only 30 minutes or so. The information was given to me from Bolt. Thank you. Tyler ~

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    • Tyler, you were not here to witness the whole situation, making plus you weren't here for 30min.

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    • W.T.F, I'm not Mix's cousin...

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    • I'll look into it, thank you.

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    • Excuse me, Tyler, but I highly doubt anyone was "harassing" Bolt for the sake of cruelty itself-- especially Mel. ._. She and I tend to joke around with, and, make jokes about people but she is not malicious. I've known her since about late 2010/early 2011.. She's been quite angry sometimes, and knew how to rage but I can vouch for her when I say she is not someone who would harass Bolt repeatedly.

      I've even spoken to Mel about this incident, for to my knowledge I was not there when this happened, and she was outraged that you would say such an untruth! She denies ever doing such a thing to Bolt... Mhm, great job Ty. She may now fully detest you because you reported her without even knowing what happened~

      Her official statement on the incident was "I'll be honest, I was suggesting he was gay but I didn't say fag or yag or make wet jokes. I called him Lussuria and when he said he wasn't I told him he was in denial and then another time I told him to go make love with Levi... "

      So, as you can see, she had joked around from time to time but she had not maliciously harassed said 'Bolt'.

      In addition, any case Bolt would make against Mel,I shall duly have to despute also, for it would most likely be an invalid claim. If you have some sort of court room issue dealing with this, I shall very much likely want to be seen as Miss Melaina Harnashi's lawyer.. You know, we could file a case saying that you have been purposely ruining my client's reputation online and off with this falsehood. Wouldn't that count as... slander? v_v

      Now, if you shall excuse me, I have a very tight schedule today.

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    • I'm just gonna go ahead and close this thread...

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