• Scroll the fuck up. Scroll the mother fuck up. You can be pissy with me all you like, but you're banning me because you don't want me to fight with Chloe. Who provoked meĀ ? Chloe. Yes, I'm a dick, and yes I have a bad attitude, but that's when I'm provoked. AS YOU KNOW. I don't even know what's wrong with you lately. Everything is MY fault. And of course, the little angel isn't getting banned because of the name of this thread. IDC anymore. You're blocked. Just don't talk to me. Don't even bother answering. Just do what you want. I really couldn't care less anymore.

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    • I did scroll up, and I wasn't pissy at all. I banned you for two hours for your attitude, that's all. Two measly hours so you could chill out before you returned.

      I don't hold favouritism. I would block Chloe as well, it's not exactly like I like someone so much I wouldn't block them (except Sumi, obviously). I blocked you because you continued with "She started it", which is completely immature to say.

      Not everything is your fault either. I told you each day the past few days to calm your attitude, and you haven't. I know you're naturally angry but even so. You know you're not alone with any problems or how you feel; I am always here if you need a chat, and I always have been. I'll chat however much you desire and help as much as possible.

      And I noticed you blocked me on Facebook, and potentially on Skype (you went offline as soon as I started speaking to you, so it's a hunch). That's kinda unfair considering I gave you the shortest possible ban and did it for a friendly reason.

      Do whatever you desire but honestly, it wasn't favouritism at all, and it was supposed to help you just chill out. If you had asked to be unbanned, I would have done so...

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