COOL2944, was it? Okay. Well, hi! I go by Ganjo, not a staff member either, but I'm a longtime editor here. ( ◠‿◠)

You're dialogue with User:Animalfan21 caught my attention; think I can help.

To best answer your question, there is no "leader" here, per say. User:~Mana~ is definitely a high-ranking admin. Among other things, he manages the fandom site as a whole alongside the other administrators; you'll have a better time getting their attention.

You can use the Policy page to get a general feel of how we conduct ourselves. But in general, we're a rather self-governing community; we help maintain things here as a whole and generally keep each other accountable, but we mainly function independently.

As a role of thumb, only factual information is permitted; this includes information regarding products, TV series (anime), graphic novels (manga), and video games. This extends to images and videos; only officially-sanctioned media is allowed (i.e. from official assets from official websites, legitimate magazines, etc.) so fanart is a "no-no". This site IS a knowledge base, not a personal website. That being said, keep personal bias out of your contributions to any article (i.e. statements like "this part is amazing because I use it everyday!" and avoid being confrontational and aggressive with other members. (~_~ ) Everyone here is pretty cordial; but you'll find that they will generally give you constructive advice, so you shouldn't find yourself getting into conflict.

I'll also tell you to NOT get attached to articles. No one has special privileges to any articles nor can anyone publish or edit content to cater to their personal preferences. The chat room is there for use (I've personally never used it, but...).

Also "edit wars" (repeatedly undoing edits by another editor on any given article) are not tolerated. It's easy to see someone undoing your hard work as disrespect, but we can solve that with message walls or the article's "Talk" section. If things get too intense, you can get an admin involved.

If you want a more creative Beyblade-related outlet, there's the Beyblade Fanon Wiki. There you can make most any fan-based article. They have similar roles regard member conduct, but you can publish your own content (within reason).

You can also edit your "Blader" page and publish posts in your profile's "Blog" section for certain topics and thoughts.

It's a lot to take in, but I've been here long enough to know a thing or two.

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