...We both know that's bunk, right? I mean...c'mon. And reporting me for "vandalism"? ...Right. ( ̄ー ̄ )

But getting off topic...

I am fascinated by your response. You do realize that this name format extends far beyond product listings? And you do realize that whatever name Takara Tomy releases, in whatever format, is the official name? And disregarding that as "only for product listing" is nonsensical. There's not other naming source. Just because you settle on stringing the names of parts together doesn't make that the Beyblade's official name.

Takara Tomy makes sure that their name format is used every where! It's used in Japanese Beyblade Burst video games; it's used in the Japanese manga in the character profiles; It's used in the character pages on the official Japanese Beyblade anime site for the character's Bey(s) (Like Hyuga's page). Even the hosts in Takara Tomy product promotion videos announce the Bey's names using this format!

Takara Tomy made sure to that all franchises utilize this Beyblade name format (katakana and all) in everything from paperback advertising to commercials and product promotions (even the instruction sheets and beycode cards included in product packaging). And they make a clear distinction between the pronunciations of the part's full name and their abbreviation.

Hell, even Hasbro uses code names in their products. (Ever read the product descriptions on their pages? They don't use the parts name to create the Beyblade's name, they use their code names just like Takara Tomy.) (゚⊿゚)

So with all these facts and references, you really can't expect me to believe your response is more creditable. I get that some editors are attached to articles, but if something needs correcting, then we should correct it using facts not preference. That's all I'm say'n.

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