Hello Rashed2010! I go by "Ganjo". Welcome to the Beyblade Wiki community. First, I wanna extend greetings to you and offer any help with questions concern how to contribute and get along with the other users.

I saw that you made a new article: Wind Sea King C145MF. Unfortunately, this would be considered fan-work due to fact that no actually Beyblade exists. This Fandom-Wiki only works in factual information and data.

That being said, if you do wanna make fan-made content, you can go to the Beyblade Fanon Wiki. That's the Fandom-Wiki for all fan-made content, you can post articles about your creations there.

Other than that, if you find any credible, Beyblade-related information or facts that you think might be useful, fill free to share with the community.

Take care!

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