Thunder Pegasus is an Attack-type Beyblade that belongs to Julia Fernandez. It was only released by Takara as a prize in Random Booster 12 which itself is very rare.

Bit-Chip (BC): Thunder Pegasus

The chip depicts Thunder Pegasus.

Attack Ring (AR): Wing Upper

Weight Disk (WD): N/A

Spin Gear (SP): Gyro Engine Gear

Blade Base (BB): Engine Stopper Base

Customize Engine Weight (CEW): Metal Sharp




  • Thunder Pegasus is identical Torch Pegasus apart from the Bit-Chips and stickers.
  • Thunder Pegasus is extremely hard to find and can only be found in Random Booster 12. This also makes him extremely expensive in today's market (~1600$), surpassing even Beys like Zeus, Dragoon MSUV or Dragoon MF.
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