The Tiger Claw (Japanese: 白虎爪撃(タイガークロー)), is a Special Move used by Ray Kon with Driger S and Driger F. This move has been featured in both the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade anime and manga, as well as other various media within the franchise.


The Tiger Claw can best be characterized as a multi-strike move that rakes the target with hard and sharp claws.

Base upon its presentation, in the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga and anime series, the "Tiger Claw" depicts the Beyblade super-accelerating its Rotation and colliding with its target for a vicious, multi-strike scratch attack. The anime version usually involves summoning the Bit-Beast Driger for the attack.

In the Game Boy Advance game series "Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 - Fierce Battle! Team Battle!!", the "Tiger Claw" is classified as a Weak Finish (Japanese: 弱必殺) and can be acquired by the player once the Bit-Beast Driger reaches Lv.10. In-game animation depicts the Beyblade releasing a flash of yellow electricity, increasing its Rotation, Speed and Mobility. Peeling up rubble from the ground, Driger dashes by the enemy Bey, scratching them relentlessly with tiger claw-like slashes.

In the anime

In the manga


While the caption in the panel reads the major kanji with the Ruby "タイガークロー" when transliterating from the proper kanji the name of the attack can be translated as follows:

Kanji 白虎
Hiragana びゃっこ そう げき
Transliteration Byakko Geki
Literal translation White Tiger (god of the West in Chinese mythology) claw (of animal, bird); talon; paw; nail strike, hit, beat
Translation White Tiger Claw Strike




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