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Tommy, known in the Japanese version as Kochan (コチャン Kochan) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000. He is the leader of the Tall Boys.


He faced Tyson of the Bladebreakers in at the beginning of the Asian Tournament, he launch his Beyblade on his foot. However, Tyson won against him, and they congratulated each other on a great battle. Tommy is seen again with Andre and Waylan in the Saga of the Biovolt Bladers, where he supports Tyson as an ally and watching Tyson's beybattle with Tala on live TV.


  • Special Move(s): MuayThai Kick

Tommy uses a red Beyblade. The Blade Base is loaded with springs that protrude out of it. It also has metal balls inside and attached to the ends of the springs to help the Beyblade jump and balance when attacking from above. Ray has said that it's attack pattern resembles Kai's Spin Fire Attack. Kai disagreed and said that it doesn't have the same destructive power but can cause considerable damage nonetheless. It focuses it's attack on the opposing Beyblade's Attack Ring and Axis.


Tommy uses a custom launcher. The launcher itself is a standard one but the ripcord is connected to a MuayThai Ankle Support on his right leg. It increases the power of the launch, giving the Beyblade an extra burst of power.