Top Blade V (Korean: 탑블레이드 V, Tabbeulleideu V) is an 2D top-down perspective game that was developed by Sonokong and released for Microsoft Windows on January 20, 2002. The game was later ported to arcades in 2003.


Gameplay involves selecting one of 12 characters. Each character with special attacks. After selecting your character you are able to customize the Beyblade that you will be using in battle from a selection of Attack Rings, Weight Disks, Spin Gears, and Blade Bases. Combat mainly consist of dodging attacks by jumping and dashing, charging up attacks, and executing Special Moves in a best-of-three match.

Players engage in head-to-head competition with the main objective being to deplete the opposing Beyblade's Stamina while navigating the Beystadium. Occasionally, bombs spawn as environmental hazards at random points throughout the stadium.


Blader Beyblade Bit-beast Special Move
Tyson Granger Dragoon V2 Dragoon Hyper Victory Tornado
Kai Hiwatari Dranzer V Dranzer
Ray Kon Driger V Driger
Max Tate Draciel V Draciel
Ozuma Flash Leopard 2 Flash Leopard
Dunga Vortex Ape Vortex Ape
Mariam Sharkrash Sharkrash
Joseph Vanishing Moot Vanishing Moot
Kane Yamashita Cyber Dragoon Cyber Dragoon
Goki Cyber Dranzer Cyber Dranzer
Salima Cyber Driger Cyber Driger
Jim Cyber Draciel Cyber Draciel



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