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Top Wand is a team featured in Beyblade Burst Evolution, and the representative of Germany. They are a traveling team of circus performers. Cuza Ackermann was originally a member, until he transferred to BC Sol.


Member Image


Role Status
Heinrich (Top Wand).png
Ferro Fengriff Boost Jaggy (manga only)

Raging Roktavor Force Jaggy (anime only)

Leader Active
Rodrick (Top Wand).png
Storm Spryzen Limited Press Member Active
Cuza Ackermann
Kuza's cute smile.jpg
Alter Cognite 6Meteor Trans Member Defected to BC Sol



  • Wand is pronounced like Vant and is the German word for 'wall'. This is maybe a reference to the Berlin Wall which played a big role in the history of Germany.
    • Additionally, the team's name might be a reference to how Alter Cognite jumps onto the top of the stadium wall.
    • The name might also be a reference to the term 'Big Top', reflecting how they are a traveling circus troupe.
  • The symbol look like Mercedes Benz.