Torch Pegasus (known as Flame Pegasus in the Japanese anime) is an Attack-type Beyblade that belongs to Raul Fernandez.

A unique feature of the beyblade is that instead of a regular weight disk, the blade base carries a rotating weight disk, and can itself be used as a launcher for both left-spin and right-spin. (aside from the Dragoon series, one of the only stock left-spin beyblades before the launch of the Heavy Metal System).

Bit Chip (BC): Torch Pegasus

The chip depicts Torch Pegasus.

Attack Ring (AR): Wing Upper

Weight Disk (WD): N/A

Spin Gear (SP): Gyro Engine Gear

The gyro engine gear is connected to the customize engine weight and a clutch protruding from the blade base, which can be locked so that the beyblade can be launched using a regular right-spin launcher.

Blade Base (BB): Engine Stopper Base

Contain a gap containing the spin gear lock. The base itself is tall and prone to K.O., and the weight distribution is poor such that the beyblade loses spin rapidly.

Customize Engine Weight (CEW): Metal Sharp

Bears some resemblance to the later Turbo Engine Gear system but will not fit those engine gears.



Flame Pegasus - Original Version