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Tornado Leone is a Hasbro only, Tornado Battler Beyblade that uses the Extreme Top System. It was released Fall 2011 in the United States.


Tornado Leone has a tough Defense tip to take strong attacks. This bey can also deal powerful side smashes as well.

Face Bolt: Leone

This face depicts Leo, one of the 88 constellations in space. This Leo has a crown on its head, which can conclude that Leo is a King Lion.

Energy Ring: Leone

This Energy Ring is slightly different than Pegasus, L-Drago, and Eagle ring. It has bumps that sit higher than others. It is a light grass green in color.

Fusion Wheel: Tonado Leone

This Fusion Wheel is shaped like a bowlish pyramid. It has a lot of small snake-like bumps that cause little recoil. This wheel is heavier than Tornado Eagle and Tornado Pegasus So this is a better defensive Tornado Fusion Wheel. This Fusion Wheel features pale green paint.

Spin Track

This is an average Tornado Battler height. It features four long "L"s. It is arguable that they are sevens. This Spin Track has slightly less recoil than other Tornado Battler Spin Tracks.

Performance Tip: Possibly Ball

The Ball is, as its name suggests, shaped like a ball. This hemispherical shape provides a large area for the Bottom to make contact with the Stadium floor; hence increasing friction and making it more difficult to knockout. B’s shape also makes it likely to stay in the central areas of the Stadium, hence maximizing the customization’s distance from the Stadium exits.