Tornado Pegasus

Tornado Pegasus is a Hasbro only, Tornado Battler Beyblade that uses the Extreme Top System. It was released Fall 2011, in the United States.

Face: Pegasus

This face depicts Pegasus, which is one of the 88 constellations of stars in space.

Ring: Pegasus

This ring is exactly the same as Eagle and L-Drago. This ring, however, is a dark navy blue color.

Wheel: Tornado (Pegasus)

This Tornado Wheel is round, and features two long inward gaps on the side that cause recoil. On the top of this wheel two "horns" poke up which deal slight smash attack. Tornado (Pegasus) features light black paint.


This is a basic Tornado battler track. This track has almost no designs on it, only 4 small notches on every side. Because of this, this is possibly the best defensive Tornado Battler track so far.

Tip: Possibly FS

This Tip balances on the small bottom bump, and very similar to FS, when on its side it attacks like RF or F. This tip regains balance very easily and is arguable the best Tornado Battler tip so far.


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