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The Triple Battle Set is a Beyblade set released by Hasbro in August 2011. It comes with two exclusive Beys, a Triple Battle Set Arena Beystadium, two Ripcord Launchers, official rulebook and 24 Tournament Grids.




  • The Rule Book has a pictures of the prototype on the cover.
  • The prototype Chaos Core and Deflector Core had an oval shape rather than a circular shape and did not have highlights and designs on it.
  • When this set was ordered by phone, you could receive two exclusive Tornado Battlers for free.
  • The lines on the Cores can lower the stamina of the Beyblade.
    • The Cores are made of hard plastic, resulting in less grip, especially for rubber tips in which they need grip to perform well in battles.
    • The Cores rarely improve performance for Beyblades, instead reducing performance overall.