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Triple Saber, known as Triple Impact (トリプルインパクト, Toripuru Inpakuto) in Japan, is a Special Move used by Xander Shakadera with his Surge Xcalius 1 Iron and Xavier Bogard with his Breaker Xcalius 1' Sword and Breaker Xcalius 1'Dagger Sword.


Surge Xcalius 1 Iron shifts its position twice to line up the two metal swords with the point on the 1 Forge Disc, for a three-point ultimate attack. It more powerful than Dual Sabers and it's similar how they shift the position to align the layer and Disc.

With Breaker Xcalius 1' Sword, Xavier puts Breaker Xcalius in Breaker Mode making the sword on the layer to extend out, making it longer. While in Breaker Mode, Breaker Xcalius' does much more damage with it's powerful long sword, but with a cost. It's center of gravity will become off balance, resulting in the bey having less stamina, with the potential of floor scraping.



It is similar to Lui Shirosagi's Dragon Crash.