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Tsubasa Otori & Yu Tendo vs. Chiyun Li & Mei-Mei is a battle that took place at the last Stage of GanGan Galaxy's Teamwork Training with Team Wang Hu Chong.


Dashan trains GanGan Galaxy

Dashan trains Gan Gan Galaxy

Team GanGan Galaxy was struggling with their independent teamwork training and eventually drove their team made Madoka to lock herself away from them. But luckily Team Wang Hu Zhong arrives to aid them in their training to get them to their fullest, so when the two teams battle again and against Excalibur, they will be at their fullest. Wang Hu Zhong trained them vigourously in 4,000 year old secrets to team work. Having excelled quickly, Dashian decides to move them to the final stage, a 2 on 2 Battle with Wang Hu Chong. The matches are chosen to be Gingka and Masamunae vs. Dashian and Chao Xin alongside Chiyun and Mei-Mei vs. Tsubasa and Yu.


Great Mountain Formation

Great Mountain Formation

The battle begins with Eagle challenging Lacerta with several direct hits but is interrupted by Libra's Sonic Wave which nearly hits Eagle but misses all of its targets. While Tsubasai and Yu argue, Chiyun and Mei-Mei use the chance by activating their "Great Mountain Formation" where Aquario slams into Libra who easily defends until Lacerta comes in and slams the distracted Libra. They capitalize with a "Heaven and Earth" formation where Aquario is pushed by Lacerta into slamming Eagle, sending it flying. Madoka then stresses that their attitudes towards team work haven't changed since the beginning and Wang Hu Zhong begins to taunt which finally knocks a sense of urgency into Team GanGan Galaxy.

Stand at the Top

"Watch us battle, We will stand at the top of the World!"

Gingka and the others then think back on their loss against Excalibur and reminds his team mates they have to be number one and stand on top of the world! Even so Chiyun and Mei-Mei reuse their Heaven and Earth formation which fails due to Eagle's intervention, Libra then seizes the moment and seperates Lacerta from Aquairo, showing Tsubasa and Yu have finally learned team work. Inspired by their team work, Wang Hu Zhong including Chiyun and Mei-Mei decide that it's time to finish the battle. All  of them activate their special moves, Tempestous Whirlwind Sword, Soaring Firebird, Diving Crush, Lightning Sword Flash, Starbooster Attack, Storm Surge and Inferno Blast respectively. The special moves clash and after the smoke settles it turns out that everyone was eliminated simultaniously, resulting in a draw.