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Tsubasa Otori vs Benkei Hanawa takes place during the Japanese Selection Tournament. This battle is concurrent with Yu Tendo vs. Teru Saotome.


Eagle vs Bull

Earth Eagle vs Dark Bull

The WBBA Re-Opening Tournament is on going and one of the first matches is Tsubasa Otori against Benkei Hanawa. Their battle starts with Benkei unable to push back Tsubasa's Eagle angering him.

Benkei tries to take the lead but Tsubasa stops him in his tracks and even complements him, Eagle then sends Bull back and capitalizes with his special move, Counter Stance.

After being sent high in the air Bull uses his special move, Red Horn Uppercut to attack from above and sends Eagle into the air gaining the advantage. Tsubasa takes the momentum right back by using his special move, Diving Crush to attack from above and smash Dark Bull out of the stadium.

Benkei Defeated

Benkei Loses


This is the third time Tubassa and Benki have battled.