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Tsubasa Otori vs. Yu Tendo is the match that will decide the Third and Sub member of Japan's Team. This is also the final time that Tsubasa and Yu battle.


After Tsubasa and Yu failed to defeat their final opponents, they were cast aside for the third spot on the Japanese Team. Since Kyoya left the third spot vacant, the two battle for it the winner receiving it and the loser becoming the sub member.


Eagle attacks from above

Eagle counters the Sand Trap

The two launch with equal speed as Eagle goes straight to the offense and attacks Libra. Libra begins a counter attack as Yu uses his special move, Sonic Wave to push Eagle back.

Yu tells Tsubasa he can't run and decides to use his special move, Sonic Buster to trap Eagle. Eagle evades by flying above the sand and out of the stadium into the sky, this avoids the ground trap and attacks Libra from above.

Libra reflects Eagle

Libra uses Sonic Shield to repel Eagle

Libra escapes Eagle's oncoming attacks and try's to lead Eagle into the sand trap to no avail, it is revealed by Gingka that Tsubasa is trying to use close up attacks to keep Yu from charging his Libra's special move, Inferno Blast.

Eagle goes for yet another attack but Yu blocks with his special move, Sonic Shield which repels Eagle. Yu uses the opportunity to charge his Libra's Inferno Blast.

Libra sucks in Eagle

Libra sucks in Eagle with Inferno Blast

Yu releases his special move and quickly sucks Eagle in, as Yu boasts his victory Tsubasa reveals it's working just as he planned. Tsubasa reveals he can match the vibration wavelengths in order to get inside Yu's special move without damage.

Yu reveals he already knew what Tsubasa was up to and changes the form of the Inferno Blast by changing the frequency around which changed the colors several times. Yu reveals that he can randomly change the wavelengths in order to make it so Tsubasa can't match them.

Tsubasa and Yu

Yu changes the game

Libra looses

Eagle defeats Libra

Eagle is trapped inside and is shaken by the vigorous vibrations, before accepting defeat Tsubasa clears his mind to find out that instead of fighting the vibrations he should just allow Eagle to soar and resonate with them.

By doing this Eagle soars through Libra's move and crashes into it causing a massive explosion. The smoke clears and reveals that Libra has stopped spinning and Tsubasa takes home the win and the third spot on the team.