The Turbo 4, also known as the Z4 in Japan, are a group consisting of the four most powerful Bladers of the "new generation" in Beyblade Burst Turbo.


Member Image


Role Status
Phoenix P4 10 Friction
Dead Phoenix 10 Friction
Member Active
Xavier Bogard
Xhan's new beyblade.jpg
Xcalius X4 1' Sword
Xcalius X4 1'Dagger Sword
Member Active
Laban Vanot
Laban's grin.jpg
Leopard L4 12Lift Destroy Member Active
Dead Hades 11Turn Zephyr' Member Active

Aiger Akabane

Aiga the champion.jpg
Cho-Z Achilles 00 Dimension Member Active


  • Out of all the Beyblades featured in the Turbo 4, the only type not featured is a Stamina-Type; as two members, Xavier and Laban, both possess Attack-Types.
  • This is the first elite group in Beyblade Burst to feature members (Phi & Hearts) who are related to each other.
  • Hearts is currently the only one in the Turbo 4 whose Beyblade has been destroyed, as Laban's Leopard L4 is later repaired after being destroyed by Phi's Phoenix P4.
    • Both of their Beyblades were destroyed by Phi.
  • Hearts is the only member who wasn't a participant in the Battleship Cruise.
  • Aiger Akabane is technically a member since he beat all of the other members.
    • Like Laban and Hearts, Aiger's Beyblade Z Achilles A4 was destroyed by Phi, though he created a new one; being Cho-Z Achilles.
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