Turbo Awakening, also known as Super Z Awakening (超Ƶ(チョウゼツ)覚醒, Chōzetsu Kakusei) in Japan, is a Special Move and Turbo Ability available to select Beys.


Turbo Awakening is a special mode that certain Turbo Beys have access to. When a Beyblade top enters its Turbo Awakening state, the Energy Layers deploy the Turbo Blades, Cho-Z Wings (超Ƶ(チョウゼツ)ウイング, Chōzetsu Wingu) in the Japanese version, for increased combat capability. This action also deploys dedicated Burst Stoppers (バーストストッパー, Bāsuto Sutoppā) into the slots the Energy Layer that prevents the Disc's Stoppers from sliding to the critical point of the Energy Layer's slots, thus preventing the "Burst" feature from activating.

To activate this special state, a Blader must Launch their Bey at optimum efficiency, which powers the mechanism to release the Turbo Wings and Burst Stoppers.


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