Twisted Tempo 145WD
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Face Bolt: Tempo/Horogium
Energy Ring: Tempo/Horogium
Clearwheel horogium
Fusion Wheel: Twisted/Basalt
180px-Metalwheel basalt
Spin Track: 145
Performance Tip: Wide Defense
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Twisted Tempo 145WD
Yhst-40479410507135 2162 141305638
Beyblade Details
Type Defense
Release Dates & Price
Country Release Date Price
JapanFlag Japan February 26, 2011 NA
UnitedStatesFlag United States NA NA
International Names
Language Name
JapanFlag Japanese (Kanji) バサルトホロギウム 145WD
JapanFlag Japanese (Romaji) Basaruto Horogiumu 145WD
UnitedStatesFlag English Twisted Tempo 145WD
Product Codes
Manufacturer Product Code
Takara Tomy BB-104
Hasbro {{{hasbroprodcode}}}

Twisted Tempo 145WD
Yhst-40479410507135 2162 141305638
Anime & Manga Information
Owner Faust
Anime Debut The Miraculous Spiral Force
Manga Debut N/A

Twisted Tempo 145WD
Yhst-40479410507135 2162 141305638
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  • Basalt Horogium 145WD is the Maximum Version of Earth Eagle 145WD.
  • While the the Roman numeral 4 (written as IIII) seems like a mistake on the Tempo/Horogium Energy Ring, it indeed is not a mistake. While the proper Roman Numeral for 4 is IV, clockmakers in the past traditionally made clocks with IIII instead of IV for various reasons. Ultimately it came down to preference. Certain watchmakers continue this tradition today of representing the 4 as IIII, including makers like Citizen and Bulova. 
  • Twisted is one of the two Fusion Wheels with a irregular gap inside. The second is Duo's Core.
  • Tempo seems to a part of a set of beyblades that are technology based and have no beast, others would be Byxis, Lyra and Libra .
  • Twisted Tempo is the second heaviest Beyblade in the Anime, with the first being Diablo Nemesis.
  • Twisted Tempo is the only non 4D Beyblade without stickers. Even it's Hasbro Ripcord Launcher is printed on.
  • This is the second time 145WD have been sold together. The first time was with Earth Eagle/Aquila 145WD, the third is with Dark Poseidon 145WD, the fourth is with Rock Aries 145WD and the fifth is Kreis Cygnus 145WD.
  • SonoKong's Tempo Face Bolt appears darker than Hasbro's.
  • The "Twisted" in Twisted Tempo may be a reference to the Spiral Staircase of Death in the Twisted Fusion Wheel.
  • Tempo is Italian and Portuguese for the word "time". Time means in Latin "Tempus".
  • Twisted Tempo Is the second beyblade in the Metal Saga to be referred to as a "Forbidden Beyblade", the first being Lightning L-Drago 100HF.
  • Twisted, along side the Spiral Stair Case, has a slight abnormal bump along one of the sides of Twisted wheel. This may make the bey even more unbalanced.
  • Twisted Metal Wheel has a few Variations and molds each have different weights.
  • Hasbro's Twisted Tempo is heavier than Sonokong's and Takara Tomy's Twisted Tempo.
    • The Weights of the different Twisted/Basalt Fusion Wheels:
      • Hasbro Twisted - 47.0 grams
      • Sonokong Basalt - 47.44 grams
      • Takara Tomy Basalt - 47.48 grams
  • Its Performance Tip, WD, is one of the most used tips in all the Metal Saga, being used 10 times. It has been used by Earth Aquila, Gravity Destroyer, Flame Byxis, Twisted Tempo, Beat Lynx, Duo Uranus, Flash Sagittario, Kreis Cygnus, Burn Wolf, and Dark Poseidon.
  • Dr. Ziggurat created Twisted Tempo in Big Bang Bladers to power the Spiral Force, thinking it can spin without stopping, due to fact it was created with the data from Gingka and Ryuga's beys.
  • A green recolour of Twisted Tempo was released with Cyber Aquario 105RF and Flame Serpent SW145F. 
  • Twisted Tempo is the best Beyblade of the world accourding to Ziggurat, but the bey never won. 
  • This Beyblade has no attack power according Beyblade
  • Twisted Tempo will got also released in the Beyblade Legends toyline.

Twisted Tempo 145WD
Yhst-40479410507135 2162 141305638

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Twisted Tempo 145WD
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Twisted Tempo 145WD
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