Type (Japanese: タイプ or (がた)) refers to the 4 categories used to classify the combat properties and characteristics of a Beyblade and its parts by their primary behavior in battle.


The concept of Types provide players with archetypes upon which they can select or build a Beyblade that suits their individual playing style and combat preference. Becoming familiar with these Types can prove valuable to a player's strategy as a thorough knowledge of parts can assist in Beyblade customization and general battle strategy. This knowledge can also be invaluable in identifying the parts used in the customization of an opponent's Beyblade during inspection before a match. Below is a simple description of each of the basic types and their characteristics.

Hasbro BB type icon attack Attack

Hasbro BB type logo staminaStamina

Attack Types move quickly and aggressively and strike with considerable force.

Stamina Types are nimble and can maintain their spin when undisturbed.

Hasbro BB type icon defense Defense

Hasbro BB type icon balance Balance

Defense Types disperse impacts from attack and maintain a stationary, stable position in battle.

Balance Types combine qualities from Attack, Stamina, and Defense types.

Type Details

This section elaborates upon the defining characteristics of each of the 4 Types.

Hasbro BB type icon attack Attack Types

The Attack Type (Japanese: アタックタイプ, 攻撃(こうげき)(がた))

Hasbro BB type logo stamina Stamina Types

The Stamina Type (Japanese: スタミナタイプ, 持久(じきゅう)(がた))

Hasbro BB type icon defense Defense Types

The Defense Type (Japanese: ディフェンスタイプ, 防御(ぼうぎょ)(がた))

Hasbro BB type icon balance Balance Types

The Balance Type (Japanese: バランスタイプ, バランス(がた)) combines attributes from the other three Types for a Beyblade that is well-rounded and adaptable. While this affords them an impressive situational advantage, they generally lack any capability to exploit the weaknesses of other Types, mainly relying upon the skill and strategy of the Blader to be effective.

Type Affinity

All Beyblades Types typically share a Type Affinity (Japanese: タイプ相性) with one another via their Type classification. This determines their overall advantage (Japanese: 有利(ゆうり)) in a match-up depending on their customization in comparison to their opponent's.


Names In The Languages

  • Attack Type • Attaque • Ataque • 어택 타입
  • Stamina Type • Résistance • Resistencia • Resistência • 스태미너 타입
  • Defense Type • Défense • Defensa • Defesa • 디펜스 타입
  • Balance Type • Équilibre • Equilibrio • Equilíbrio • 밸런스 타입
  • While the term "Balance Type" has been the official term used by Takara Tomy since induction, Hasbro originally had used the terms "Combination Type" and "Combo Type" to classify this Type in the past. This practice only occurred during their original international and localized distribution until the end of production of their Hard Metal System toyline. With the release of their 2nd Generation Beyblades, Hasbro has since adopted "Balance Type" as an official term.


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