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The Siebalds (ツェットバルト Tsuettobaruto, Zettwald) are a noble family featured in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


The Siebalds are known for excelling in sports and every member of the family is a famous professional athlete. Over the years, it somehow became tradition for all Siebalds to be number one in a sport so Garland had already decided that he would go into the sport of Beyblading at a very young age.


Two blue beasts standing on their hind legs, resembling Apollon, are illustrated on the crest. The red on the crest represents strength, white represents peace, gold represents generosity, blue represents loyalty and green represents joy. The crown above could signify the Siebalds' royal or noble lineage.

Siebald Family Principles[]

To reach their goal, the Siebalds established a list of principles to follow. They wrote those down in a unique book which has the family crest on the cover. The principles are as follows:

No. English Japanese
01 Know your opponent as you know yourself. The fight starts the moment the opponent is known.
08 The opponent with the most powerful first strike wins the game. In a match, the one in control will have victory.
23 Even if you turn your back to your enemy, never turn your heart. Even if your back is turned to the enemy, do not turn your heart to them.
28 Go in the direction you never go, for there lies the pathway to victory. If you have already gone by your usual road, go by another road that is visible.
45 Give no quarter to an opponent you respect. Once recognized, an opponent you respect can still push you down.
79 Swift end to honor opponents. Consequently make a beautiful conclusion.