Ultimate Dragoon (アルティメットドラグーン Arutimetto Doragūn) is a Spin Gear System Beyblade, released on July 1999. It is succeeded by Dragoon Grip Attacker.


Ultimate Dragoon is a Left Spin Beyblade. It was released with a blue Left-Spin EZ Shooter and a blue Winder by Takara as a Starter Set in Japan. It was later released internationally by Hasbro sometime in 2002.


Bit Chip (BC): Ultimate Dragoon

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This Bit Chip depicts Ultimate Dragoon. It is both the first Bit Chip and the first Bit Chip for a Dragoon Beyblade. The sticker depicts a muscular, dark red dragon with a few black highlights, white claws, sharp, flame-like wings and the power to conduct fire from its hands. It is placed over a red background sealed within a yellow border and a black ring.

Attack Ring (AR): Cross Dragon

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4 grams

Cross Dragon is the first Attack Ring ever produced and the first for a Dragoon Beyblade. The center is circular and has four dull protruding spikes arranged to resemble a cross, hence its name. Each spike is designed to resemble a dragon's head with three horns and a long, rectangular curved snout. Cross Dragon is decorated with four thin and curved holographic red stickers, placed between each of the spikes.

Weight Disk (WD): Wide

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13 grams

Wide is both the first Weight Disk ever produced and the first Wide Weight Disk. As its name suggests, this Weight Disk is very wide and has six sides forming a hexagonal shape. It is also the Wide Weight Disk with the least amount of sides, compared to its later successors, Eight Wide and Ten Wide.

Blade Base (BB): Flat

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8 grams

Flat is the first Blade Base ever produced. It is white, has a circular and flat tip and is made out of plastic.

Its gimmick lies within its namesake; the flat tip, which causes the Blade to move at wide and fast speeds, which are ideal for Attack Types. While plastic tips do not provide much tractions on Beystadiums, compared to those made of stronger materials like rubber, they offer longer endurance and spin time.

Other Versions

  • Ultimate Dragoon - #14 BeyBattle Set (White with gold-plated Weight Disk)
  • Ultimate Dragoon - Limited Edition (Clear)
  • Ultimate Dragoon - CoroCoro Limited (Black with MG Weight Disk)
  • Ultimate Dragoon - Promotion (Gold-plated)





  • It is the first Beyblade and Beyblade product that was ever released.
  • The back side of the Takara packaging incorrectly romanizes "Blade Base" as "BULADE BASE".
  • Unlike its Hasbro variant, Ultimate Dragoon does not have an official Type because Beyblade Type names were not created yet, as evident by the lack of any "Attack-Type" wording anywhere on the Takara packaging.
  • All three forms of the Bit from the Jisedai Begoma Battle Beyblade game are included in the Takara release.
  • Spin Dragon was the general inspiration for later "Dragoon" class Beyblades, it shares this in common with Ultimate Frostic Dranzer who became the inspiration for all "Dranzer" class Beyblades.
  • Spin dragoon is a play on words, the "dra" means "dragon" and the "goon" comes from "dragoon", the name of a mount infantry unit. This was to match "Dranzer" which was a play on "dragon" and "panzer". Unlike Dranzer, future Dragoon Beyblades remained dragons, while Dranzer switched to a phoenix in future related versions.

In The Media


Spin Dragoon appears briefly in Back to Basics in a flashback of Tyson's childhood. It was Tyson Granger's first Beyblade.


Spin Dragoon plays a major part in the manga, being Tyson's first Beyblade. Tyson is given the Bit-Beast, Dragoon, as part of a test made by Jin of The Gale and it enters Tyson's Blade. He then uses it to defeat Carlos and the remaining Blade Sharks. However, Spin Dragoon gets destroyed. Despite this, the Bit-Beast of Spin Dragoon survived and Jin gives it back to him, allowing Tyson to keep it. Tyson then lets Dragoon inside his new Beyblade: the successor of Spin Dragoon, Dragoon Grip Attacker.

Video Games

The parts of this Beyblade can be bought in the Jisedai Begoma Battle Beyblade game.

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