The "Ultimate Storm" (Japanese: 武神風撃(アルティメットストーム)) is a Special Move used by Tyson Granger with his Dragoon MS (Ultimate Version) and Kai Hiwatari with his Dranzer MS. The move debuted in chapter 40 of the Beyblade manga.


General details regarding the "Ultimate Storm" can describe the move as a towering tornado which envelops the Beyblade inside a swirling vortex cloud of rotating debris and dust.

When referencing art panels, the Beyblade(s) can be seen generating the tornado using powerful rotational velocity, producing a storm column that spans many feet tall; easily towering over 'Bladers nearby. Other details include the dense elemental streams coiling and swirling around the main vortex.

Another interesting aspect of the move is that the tornado can inherit different elemental properties depending upon the Attributes of a Beyblade's Bit-Beast and the environmental conditions of the area. When comparing existing versions, Tyson's version clearly contains the MFBZG attribute sky icon v2 Sky Attribute inherited from the Bit-Beast Dragoon, as indicative of the wind-like column, but Tyson has also created a powerful waterspout using available water present in the arena where he battled Max Tate during their Great Beyblade Cup match, giving the move a MFBZG attribute water icon Water Attribute. Kai's version, on the other hand, contains the MFBZG attribute fire icon Fire Attribute of the Bit-Beast Dranzer, indicative of the flame-filled, tornado-like fire whirl created when Kai uses the move.

When deployed, a Blader can manipulate tornado of the Ultimate Storm via their Bey in a variety of feats, ranging from a diving crash to a forward charge. The storm itself possesses enough powerful to lift and toss various environmental objects in its path such metal barrels and panels.



While the caption in the panel reads the major kanji with the Ruby "アルティメットストーム" when transliterating from the proper kanji the name of the attack can be translated as follows:

Kanji 武神
Hiragana ぶしん げき
Transliteration Bushin Geki
Literal translation A god of war wind strike, hit, beat
Translation War God Wind Strike



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