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Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable'-9 (アルティメットヴァルキリー・レガシー・ヴァリアブルダッシュ-9, Arutimetto Varukirī Regashī Variaburu Dasshu-9) is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. It was released as a Booster in Japan on December 11th, 2021 for 1760円.

It is the successor to Savior Valkyrie Shot-7.

DB Core - Valkyrie

Main article: DB Core - Valkyrie 2
The motif is of the goddess of battle, Valkyrie. A right-spin DB core with three powerful locks, designed after a collection of successive Valkyrie Beyblades.
— Official Description

In-depth information for Takara Tomy's second Valkyrie DB Core will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it.

Blade - Ultimate

Main article: Blade - Ultimate
A right-spin Attack Type Blade designed after successive Valkyrie Beyblades, which features a sharp V-shaped rubber blade that pierces through the opponent and a large upper blade to greatly flick the opponent.
— Official Description

In-depth information for Takara Tomy's Ultimate Blade will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient.

Armor - 9

Main article: Armor - 9
The 9 Armor features three wing shapes at three points that cut through the air.
— Official Description

Takara Tomy's 9 is an Armor with three-sided design featuring nine wing patterns, reminiscent of the Wing Forge Disc. Like the previously released 3 Armor, the three-sided shape works best with three-sided Blades, finding use in Attack Combinations.

Forge Disc - Legacy

Main article: Forge Disc - Legacy
A DB Disc that supports Low Mode. Legacy has six large blades that create downforce when rotating in Right-Spin to increase mobility.
— Official Description

Legacy is a circular DB Disc with six downward sloping blades along its perimeter. It is essentially the Dynamite Battle Layer System version of Boost, whose design Legacy references. In addition, two of the blades feature a "Z"-like design that are references to the Zenith Disc. In theory, the blades are intended to produce Down Force in Right-Spin, increasing the grip of the Beyblade on the stadium floor by pushing air downward and create Upper Force in Left-Spin which would decrease the friction between the Beyblade and the stadium floor by pushing air upward. In practice however, the Down/Upper Force created is negligible and the blades reduce the Life-After-Death (LAD) of Legacy. Due to its shape and weight distribution, Legacy works best with Attack Combinations.

Performance Tip - Variable'

Main article: Performance Tip - Variable'

Variable' features a rubber tip, made up of two sets of rubber spikes, that begins at standard height. The spikes are meant to wear down and break off with use so unlike most other rubber tips, Variable' will become more aggressive instead of less aggressive over time.

When launched in mint condition the first set of six spikes will create a mildly aggressive pattern at speeds akin to Blow, albeit without the Stamina due to the greater friction the rubber has. Due to how tall the first six teeth are and the somewhat brittle nature of the rubber in the Takara Tomy release, the first set of teeth will break off relatively quickly.

When launched after the first set of teeth have given way to the second set of fourteen spikes, Variable''s speed increases remarkably, becoming as fast or even faster than Xtreme, due to the now increased surface area and diameter. However, that same speed and diameter increase makes Variable' incredibly difficult to control at this stage as banking is difficult to maintain, Self-Knock-Outs become common and its Stamina worsens. Due to the greater number of spikes and their shorter length, Variable' does not wear out as quickly at this stage. Of the stages, this stage of Variable' is considered the best.

When the second set of spikes break off, what's left is a solid base of rubber. At this point Variable''s speed increases further but the aforementioned control and Stamina issues become even worse, having trouble even staying on the Tornado Ridge of the stadium and losing spin too quickly to perform any meaningful attacks when it begins to slow down.

When this tip loses teeth, it does become shorter as a result, granting Attack combinations Destabilization potential. Furthermore, due to the wide base, Variable' has relatively high Life-After-Death when worn down, making it a somewhat safer choice against Spin-Equalization combinations.

Like other Dash Performance Tips, Variable' features a stronger spring lock, increasing the Performance Tip's Burst Resistance.



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