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Ultra Flash Rush Launch, known as True Flash Rush Shoot (真・フラッシュラッシュシュート, Shin Furasshu Rasshu Shūto) in Japan, is a Special Move used by Valt Aoi and his Victory Valtryek Boost Variable.


The technique is very similar to the Ultra Flash Launch, but instead of an edge-driving blitz attack, the speed-boosted Valtryek drives the opponent's Bey to the stadium center and traps them in a barrage of steep curves and sideswipes becoming a souped-up Rush Launch. This technique can be used for Survivor, Ring-Out and Burst Finishes.

Beyblade Burst[]

Valt first used this move during the final match of the Beyblade Regional Tournament with Valt competing against Shu. Realizing that both his Rush and Flash Launch were ineffective against Shu's tactics and expertise with Storm Spryzen Knuckle Unite, Valt decided to improvise a new shooting technique, combining elements of his Ultra Flash Launch and Rush Launch. The result was the Ultra Flash Rush Launch.